As a means of strengthening bilateral relationship between the Shandong Police College of China and the Sierra Leone Police, on Wednesday 17th January, 2024, the Chinese Ambassador to Sierra Leone – His Excellency Wang Qing and team from the Shandong Police College led by their Vice President visited the Inspector General of Police – Mr. William Fayia Sellu at his George Street office, Police Headquarters, in Freetown.

The Vice President of Shandong Police College – Sui Congorong expressed her profound gratitude for the opportunity given to them to visit Sierra Leone and meet with the Inspector General of Police.
She informed IGP Sellu that the rationale behind their visit was to learn about the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) trainees that were sent to Shandong Police College to attend various courses and to further ascertain the new demand of the IGP in terms of future capacity building programmes for SLP’s personnel.
Sui Congorong stated that the College was established in 1946 and that it operates on two campuses. The one campus, she said, is located in the downtown area which is used for In-service training and Foreign Aid for police officers from other countries.
She informed IGP Sellu that since the launch of the International training programmes, the Shandong Police College had hosted more than sixty international training programmes for other countries including Sierra Leone.

The Vice President further threw light on the Police Organs in the Shandong Province, noting that it has three levels: the provincial, municipality and the county; considering the fact that Shandong Province has large economic activities with a huge population.
“China and Sierra Leone have developed smooth diplomatic ties for over fifty- two years”; and that China stands ready to continue to support Sierra Leone, she added.

Giving an assessment of the visit, she noted that it will help to enhance mutual understanding for a win-win co-operation to share successful experiences.

In addendum, His Excellency Wang Qing reaffirmed his commitment to support the SLP with the needed capacity and equipment. “I am looking forward to working with you IGP Sellu as the New Year will bring more opportunities to build the capacity of police personnel and enhance the existing co-operation between the two countries.

In response, IGP William Fayia Sellu thanked Ambassador Wang Qing for linking the SLP with the Shandong Police College. He used the opportunity to welcome the team from the Shandong Police College.
“China and Sierra Leone are born friends”; given the fact that China has provided lots of support to Sierra Leone as well as the SLP when it comes to training programmes and other benefits, IGP Sellu said.
He further noted that the visit of the Shandong Police College was not a surprise as Ambassador Wang Qing has been very helpful to the SLP with special reference to the donation of a state-of-the-art Digital Data Forensic Laboratory Equipment to aid police Investigations.
The IGP gave a brief synopsis of the organogram of the SLP, particularly referencing the regions and key Directorates as part of the command and control structures.
“I was very happy when I received the information about the visitation of the Shandong Police College and I hope this friendship will be more productive as it is all about capacity building of our police officers”, IGP Sellu reaffirmed.

IGP William Fayia Sellu’s interest to pay a return visit to Shandong Police College was immediately approved

The team’s tour of the Sierra Leone Peacekeeping and Law Enforcement Academy (SILEA) situated at Hastings, with the Director of Training – ACP Mrs. Esther Dukuray climaxed their visit to Sierra Leone.

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