We, the Sierra Leone Police, define our identity in our mission statement, core values and vision statements. The identity of SLP has not changed since 2015.


The police will work with the public to enhance access to criminal justice, security and stability conducive for economic, social and political development in Sierra Leone.

Our Vision

A friendly, fair but firm organization which the people can trust- “A Force for Good”

Our Core Values


  • Are impartial through display of equal treatment for all
  • Respect human rights
  • Are honest by being truthful in whatever we do
  • Are accountable and transparent by being open
  • Have integrity by adhering to policies and being corrupt- free
  • Are political by not taking sides with political parties in the discharge of our duties


Core Business

  • With robust enforcement actions taken in recent years, our interventions have seen the arrest of many offenders, the disruption of unlawful activities and a boost in the confidence for our work by our communities
  • We conducted massive sensitization on the print and electronic media on civilian assistance to police, police help/emergency lines, hate speech, sports and elections violence and crime general that contributed to the holding of peaceful 2017-2018 General Elections, with support from ISAT, UNDP and OSIWA.
  • With approval from Government, we recruited two thousand three hundred and thirty- five (2,335) personnel in 2017 and two thousand (2000) in 2019 in a drive to increase our numerical strength to meet the people police ratio that we are aspiring to meet.
  • The Operations Support Division (OSD) continues to give support in public order situations and mount mobile and vehicular checkpoints and conduct ambushes at night to curb incidents of armed robbery.
  • In a bid to capacitate the workforce with appropriate knowledge and skills, to enable the personnel deliver professionally, one thousand five hundred and eighteen (1,518 police officers benefitted from various forms of local and international training programmes.
  • The Traffic and Road Safety Directorate continues to contribute billions of leones each year into the Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL) Consolidated Fund from fines and other charges collected on account of fines levied by the courts from arrests made.
  • We have reduced indiscipline and lawlessness involving commercial bike riders entering the Central Business District, with more than one pillion and without a helmet, unauthorized street carnivals, unlicensed street garages, use of illegal drugs, disabled persons connecting to moving vehicles and being pulled along thereby, and the public sale of alcohol.
  • We procured one hundred and eighty (180) vehicles, three hundred and fourteen (314) motor cycles, and ten (10) tricycles, adding five hundred and four (504) to our fleet between 2015 and 2019. This is to enhance our service delivery by increasing our mobility and thereby reducing our response time to distress calls.
  • Our Operations Support Division (OSD) personnel has continued to provide protection to dignitaries and key commercial buildings, and armed response, where the threat to life requires, and also public order response capability essential for effective national internal security.
  • The OSD provided the essential support that led to a successful policing of the 2018 multi-tier Elections.
  • The Intelligent Unit continues to support other Departments in the SLP with both criminal and security intelligence for successful police operations by reactivating intelligence desks in various areas including sabotage, corruption, economic crimes, public order and terrorism.