Inspector General of the Sierra Leone Police Force, Mr. William Fayia Sellu, attended a community engagement meeting on June 8th, 2024, to promote the eradication of Kush consumption and illicit substance abuse awareness. The event was organized by the Harbour Police Division in collaboration with the Local Policing Partnership Board and various community stakeholders.

The sensitization campaign aimed to increase public awareness about the dangers of Kush and substance abuse, and the need to eradicate these substances from society. The event commenced with a procession from the Up Gun Roundabout, led by the IGP, along with the Regional Commander of Freetown-East, the Local Community Leader, senior police officers, police personnel, Local Policing Partnership Board members, school pupils, and community stakeholders.

The procession passed through Ross Road, Cline Town, and College Road areas, drawing attention from many pedestrians and onlookers. The IGP’s presence at the forefront of the campaign was a notable aspect of the event.

The procession culminated at the Sierra Leone Ports and Harbour Authority Car Park, where the Local Community Leader welcomed everyone in attendance. A full-fledged sensitization program was conducted by several speakers, including representatives from the Sierra Leone Ports and Harbours Authority, UNIMTEC, GUOJI Group SL Ltd, and other community stakeholders.

Contributions from Police Regional Commander ACP Francis Meinday, Director of Operations ACP Dr. John Martin Senesi, and Director of Gender and Community Affairs AIG Mustapha Kamara focused on the need for unity and cooperation to combat Kush-related issues and crime in the community.

In his keynote address, the IGP expressed his gratitude for the large turnout of community stakeholders and residents. He praised everyone in attendance and encouraged them to continue their efforts to eradicate Kush. He described Kush as a dangerous mixture of harmful substances that can cause severe health problems, including addiction, mental health disorders, and even death. The IGP urged community members to work with the police to provide information that could lead to the arrest of Kush drug lords and warned school pupils about the trend of putting harmful substances in butter-scotch sold at schools.

The IGP also informed the public that there is a rehab center at Hastings where victims of Kush can be cured if they seek help early enough. He concluded by praising the Harbour Police Division’s Kush eradication campaign as the best he had seen.

The audience applauded thunderously in appreciation of the IGP’s message and his declaration of Harbour’s Division sensitization campaign as the best so far.

Mrs. Ayo Zizer, representing LPPB, delivered the vote of thanks, followed by performances and edutainment by various artists and dancers that brought the event to a close.

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