In a bid to bolster security measures and extend support to the riverine areas, Mr. William Fayia Sellu spearheaded the commissioning of a fleet of fifteen (15) capacity speed boat for Bonthe Island and its adjoining regions.
The initiative is aims to fortify law enforcement personnel in maritime security.

The absence of a Speed Boat in Bonthe Island has long been a concern for both the community and law enforcement personnel. Addressing this need was an essential component of IGP Sellu’s leadership agenda, emphasizing his commitment to serving and safeguarding the people of Sierra Leone, as articulated during the commissioning ceremony held on January 10th, 2024.

“The primary goal of my leadership is to ensure the safety and protection of the lives and property of the citizens of Sierra Leone,” asserted IGP Sellu.

Acknowledging the significance of community involvement in maintaining the newly acquired assets, Sellu urged the residents of Bonthe to take responsibility for the upkeep of the Speed Boat, ensuring their sustained functionality for collective benefit.

Representatives from the police hierarchy, including Assistant Inspector General of Police Mr. Brima Kanneh and Chief Superintendent of Police Mr. Augustine Kabia, echoed IGP Sellu’s sentiments, highlighting the pivotal role the Speed Boat would play in enhancing security measures and addressing crime challenges within the region.

In response, Deputy Mayor Daniel S. Bangalie expressed gratitude on behalf of the community, assuring the IGP that the speed boat would be utilized purposefully for the intended objectives. Furthermore, support from the Maritime Officer South, Mr. Lawrence Conteh, who promptly provided ten (10) life jackets, underscored the commitment to safety measures while utilizing the new maritime resources.

The commissioning event attracted various stakeholders, including representatives from civil society and the Local Policing Partnership Board (LPPB), all lauding the Sierra Leone Police for the unprecedented gesture, marking a significant milestone in addressing the region’s security needs.

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