“WATER IS LIFE”. This is unarguable. Therefore, the need for it is very relevant. This has been demonstrated by the President Of The Police Wives Association, Mrs. Matilda Doris Sellu, supported by her husband, the Inspector General of Police, Mr William Fayia Sellu.

Against this backdrop, on Tuesday February 28, 2023, Mrs. Sellu was accompanied by a number of government officials including the honourable Minister of Water resources, Ing. Philip Karimu Lansana, the honourable deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Lahai Lawrence Leema, and her husband, Mr. William Fayia Sellu, to present four (4) newly constructed water Boreholes to Kissy, Jui, Mayeami Police and Magburaka Police Barracks communities respectively.

Since the appointment of the IGP in July 2022, which automatically made her wife, Mrs. Sellu the President Of Police Wives Association, there has been drastic improvement on the activities of the Association. Mrs. Matilda Doris Sellu, upon assuming office, ensured that her first official task was to embark on a nationwide tour to all Police Barracks, Mammy Queens and their Deputies, to get first-hand information on their felt needs.

One dire felt needs she discovered was water, which was a challenge in almost all the Police Barracks across country.  This she said has been one amongst the numerous challenges she inherited from her predecessor.

The idea of constructing water Boreholes came after Mrs. Sellu and her Executive formulated a strategic development plan of which the aforementioned felt need was a key priority.

The Association actualizes this by contacting meaningful benevolent institutions including the SLP to Solicit support.

Prior to this, the Association had earlier constructed and presented water Borehole to the Grafton Police Barracks, Kossoh-town and also constructed a modern toilet facility at Kingtom Police Barracks for the use of the Barracks community.

Keynote speaker during the presentation ceremony was the Water Resources Minister, Ing. Lansana, who pledged to support more water projects in the other remaining Police Barracks. The Minister concluded by commending Mrs. Sellu and her team for embarking on such a humanitarian project.

One of the community stakeholders, Mr. Alusine Daramy, highly congratulated the Police Wives Association. He furthered that with such a laudable venture, their daughters have been saved from Teenage Pregnancy, School Dropout and reduction of financial burden on them to always buy water. This he said had been a long-standing challenge. 

Mrs. Sellu however promised to replicate same to other Barracks across the country after her husband,

Mr. Willam Fayia Sellu, pledged to solidly be by her side.

Climaxing the ceremony was the Cutting of the tapes for the use of the Borehole, which was done by the Water Resources Minister, Ing.  Philip Karimu Lansana, the Deputy Internal Affairs Minister, Mr. Lahai Lawrence Leema and   the IGP, which was followed by jubilations and celebrations by Barracks occupants.  

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