The Sierra Leone Police continues not only to capacitate its personnel, but equally to increase its strength.
This was demonstrated at the recent Passing-Out Ceremony of one thousand recruits on Saturday 25th February 2023, at the Sierra Leone Peace Keeping and Law Enforcement Academy (SILEA) Hastings Campus.
Amongst those who passed out, 758 were males, whilst 242 are females.
The passed-out recruits spent three months and some weeks at SILEA campus where they underwent rigorous physical exercises and covered various modules including:
👉 Public Order Management.
👉 Introduction to Criminal Law.
👉 Ethics and Discipline.
👉 Inter- Agency Collaboration.
👉 Gender.
👉 Human Rights Issues among others.

Key speakers included the Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh, who admonished and cautioned recruits to be professional and apolitical in the discharge of their Constitutional duties.
The Inspector General of Police, Mr. William Fayia Sellu, excellently informed the Vice President and distinguished guests, on the gains, innovation and challenges of the SLP since he was appointed as the Inspector General of Police.
Mr. Sellu also pointed out the intended activities he and his Executive Management Board (EMB) intend to undertake, in the spirit of rebranding the SLP.
Notable attendees included, The First Lady Mrs. Fatima Maada Bio; the Internal Affairs Minister, David Panda Noah; the National Security Coordinator, Government Ministers and Senior Police Officers.
The Passing-Out Ceremony was climaxed with awards to four recruits. Namely:
Recruit 21486, Vandi Esther M, as Baton of Honour. Presented to her by Dr. Juldeh Jalloh.
Recruit 21355 Amara Andrew E, Top Shot. Presented to him by Mrs. Fatima Maada Bio.
21425 Recruit Harding Christian, Best Drill/Parade. Presented to him by Mr. David Panda Noah.
21668 Recruit Ajamu Jamil Bozed, best behaved presented to him by the IGP, William Fayia Sellu.

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