144 Personnel of the Sierra Leone Police (SLP), today, March 29, 2022 formed up at the Sierra Leone Police Headquarters, in readiness for deployment to the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), and to be addressed by appropriate authorities before their departure. The 144 personnel excluding 16 others who had left earlier this month, to make a total of 160, are the 4th regiment of the Formed Police Unit (FPU-4) of the SLP to be deployed in Somalia.

In a short but precise address, the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Hon. Lahai Lawrence Leema, disclosed that 307 personnel were initially shortlisted but only 160 of them were finally selected. In that light, the Minister urged that in spite of the fact that the personnel have demonstrated lot of energies during their intensive trainings, they must endeavor to demonstrate three important principles; discipline, good character and integrity if they must represent Sierra Leone. He emphasized that good character must be the strength and physical demonstration he would want to see through the records and reports which will be sent on behalf of the personnel.

As a farewell message, the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Dr. Ambrose Michael Sovula noted that personnel must always bear in mind that they are going to Somalia to represent themselves, their families, the Sierra Leone Police as a state entity and the entire Sierra Leone as a nation. The IGP promised that they would have the opportunity to be deployed in subsequent peacekeeping missions if they stand to prove it right in this mission, which they are already embarking on.  While he bade farewell, he jokingly remarked that good Police Officers who stood for the right cause would never be winners, but for as long as they remained to be good officers, they would never be losers.

Also present was the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Mrs. Elizabeth Augusta Turay who showered her blessings on the personnel on behalf of the Executive Management Board (EMB) of the Sierra Leone Police Force. She expressed how overwhelmed she was and reiterated that seeing the SLP participating in peacekeeping missions is a dream comes true. She revealed that providing peace globally has always been the vision of the IGP, Dr. Ambrose Michael Sovula.

 Finally, the Director of Operations Mr. Amadu Mannah however, admonished personnel that when it comes to peacekeeping operational capability, the SLP had achieved it all. He said the government of Sierra Leone had sacrificed immensely to get the required equipment for peacekeeping missions, which had recently rated the SLP as one of the best FPU contingent in terms of equipment.

AIG Francis Moses Tower also made similar sentiments and wished the team success in their peacekeeping mission.

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