The Sierra Leone Police under the Leadership of Dr. Ambrose Michael Sovula, today, September 16, 2021 unveils a newly constructed modern Police post that will host quite a number of Police Officers, so as to effectively Police the Kanikay Community which happens to be the host for multiple businesses in Freetown. According to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Hon. David Panda Noah who was the guest speaker, the newly constructed Police Post which was built by Nectar Sierra Leone Bulk Terminal (NSBT), as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility is built to host Police Officers with the expectation that they perform their duty with integrity. The Inspector General of Police, who was also in attendance disclosed that he has been granted operational freedom by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone to perform his functions and not to tolerate any orders from above.  He therefore urged Police officers to perform their duty impartially without fear or favor and that every Police Officer is responsible for the consequences of his actions while in due execution of his duties. “If the community decided to provide a Police station, it means the community is willing to approach the Police so as to work as a family to mitigate or eradicate crime from their community, which is an applause for the Kanikay community” the IGP noted.  

The Kanikay community which was once known as a hub for criminal and illegal activities has recently been seen to gradually transforming into a better place. A clear case of this was proven after community leaders and elders in collaboration with NSBT unanimously approved the construction of a modernized community Police post as a way of increasing Police visibility within the Kanikay Community. According to the Member of Parliament for constituency 120, Honourable Muniru Lansana, the construction came about due to his dedication to ensure that the Kanikay community which was once branded a violent community will be known as the most peaceful community before the end of his tenure in office. He revealed that it has been a difficult task liaising with NSBT in ensuring the completion of the building. He added by thanking all stakeholders whom in diverse ways have contributed in making the construction of a modern Police post in Kanikay becomes a reality. The Kanikay Community chief also expressed profound thanks and appreciation to the Director of NSBT for making his dream of constructing a modern Police post within his community becomes a fruition. He said that since Kanikay community had been placed in a bad light over the years, but that with the construction of this new Police post, residents of Kanikay community will be in full compliance with the laws of the land.

In a statement made by NSBT Board Chairman, Rtd. Col. Lansana M. Turay, he said that amongst numerous projects they have implemented within the Kanikay Community, the Construction of a modern Police Post was key because it is a matter of safety and security which was why it was prioritized. “We all appreciate the role the security sector play in our daily lives and there is the need for them to have a secured work place. NSBT would not have survived if not for the proactive roles of the Security. If all the companies within this community can survive, it is only the security that can better explain this. It is good to note that we have been able to engage with the community through their Community Development Action Plan headed by the Honourable Member of parliament, who made compelling pleas for the construction of a new Police Post in Kanikay. This building with all intent and purposes will go a long way in enhancing the security of Kanikay and the Capital City at large”. He concluded.

Climaxing the occasion, was the handing over of keys for the newly constructed Police post to the IGP by Mr. Guy Wilks, Director Nectar Groups Limited and cutting of the tape by the Minister of Internal Affairs.



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