Barely a year in office, Mrs Matilda Doris Sellu has carved herself an enviable and admirable posture that has earned her the nomenclature of “a blessing to the Sierra Leone Police Wives Association” (SLPWA).

Taking over as President of the Sierra Leone Police Wives’ Association  (SLPWA) following the appointment of her husband as the Inspector General of Police, Mrs. Matilda Doris Sellu inherited an empty coffer.

Due to her passion and determination to move forward the Association with a determination to improve the well-being of all  her members and leaving a legacy at the end of her tenure, she introduced initiatives that would help generate resources for future development.

Some of the initiatives were:  the refurbishment of the Police Hall at Grafton with a Public Address System and chairs, organising social events and projects writing to donor partners.

Funds generated from these activities were used to construct six boreholes and sanitation projects in several Police Barracks across the country.

Today, with self-help projects and in source revenue, SLPWA under Doyenne Matilda Doris Sellu has provided seventeen (17) ultra-modern toilet facilities at Kingtom Police Barracks, Solar powered Water Boreholes in Kissy, Allen Town, Magburaka, Bo and Kosso town Barracks respectively.

Empowerment of Wives of Police officers and their families continues through Tech-voc training at the SLPWA Vocational Training Institute at Kingtom.

Many described Mrs. Sellu as pragmatic and innovative nothing that she has broken the chain of barriers among members of the Association by uniting them under the umbrella of the  Sierra Leone Police Wives Association.

Through her courtesy, the Association contributed greatly to the achievement of peaceful conduct of the 2023 Multitier Elections by embarking on a nationwide non-violent elections campaign in all the Sixteeen Political Districts in the country.

More developmental initiatives are underway.

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