Freetown-West Division

Get to know your divisional contacts

Stations and Posts Location Commander’s Name Mobile No
Central Police Division Central Division CSP. FRANNCIS MUSA HAZELEY 078-287-873
New England Ville Police Station New England Ville Supt. Issa Kamara 076-636-585
Adelaide Police Station Adelaide Street Supt. Gloria Edwards 077526-550
Victoria Park Police Post Victoria Park Asp. Tina Moses 099-211-301
Parliament Police Post Parliament Building Supt. Paul Banister 099-759-762
Youyi Builing Police Post Youyi Building Asp. Abraham Lawson 077-825-100
Remand Home Police Post May Street, Kingtom None None
Dwazark Police Post Dwazark Area Insp. Moseray Kamara 099-652-052
Immigration Police Post Internal Affairs Building Insp. Emmanuel Williams 030-626-505
Foreign Affairs Police Post Forein Affairs Building Insp. Febian Isatu Kamara 076-809-020
Law Office Police Post Lamina Sankoh Street Insp. Kamara A. B. 077-589739
Fast Track Court Police Post Wallace Johnson Street Pc 18817 Bendu A. A. 077-170-218
Kingtom Police Post Kingtom Police Barracks Asp. Augusta P. Sesay 076-665-644
Don Bosco Police Post Don Bosco House, Fort Street Sgt. 10860 Christaina Lewis 077-656-100
Defence Police Post State Avenue Insp. Taylor F. R. 076-619-990
Special Court Police Post Kingharman Rd. Brookfields None
SLPP Headquarters Police Post Wallace Johnson Street Sgt 5559 None
APC Headquarters Police Post Old Railway Line, Brookfields Sgt. 8871 Fatmata Kamara 030-513-314
State House Police Post President Office, State Avenue Sgt. Kamara S. 077656-100
Vice President Police Post Vice President Office, Tower Hill Sgt. Saffa 088-449-452
Jokie Bridge Mosque Police Post Siaka Steven Street Sgt. 5798 Anthony K. None
WAEC Police Post Tower Hill Insp. Savage 088-449-452
Stations and Posts Location Commander’s Name Mobile No
Congo Cross Police Station Congo Cross Csp. Harold A. M. C. Hanciles 076-758-800
Wilberforce Police Station Wilberforce Village Supt. Lamin M. Kamara 079-439-706
Aberdeen Road Market Police Station Aberdeen Road Asp. Mambu Kamara 088-600-599
Macauley Street Police Post Macauley Street Murray Town Sgt. T. E. B. Tucker 077-266-580
Stations and Posts Location Commander’s Name Mobile No
Hill Station Police Station Eacon Area Hill Station Csp. Usman S. Amara 076-338-116
Regent Police Post Regent Village Asp. Alusine A. Barrie 077-719-154
Leicester Police Post Leicester Village Sgt. 9974 Alie U N. B. 079-150-566
Hill Station Police Post Hillstation Area Insp. Isatu Savage 077-614-435
Fourah Bay College P/Post Fourah Bay College Insp. Kabba M. Z. 077-315-265
Stations and Posts Location Commander’s Name Mobile No
Lumley Police Station By Lumley Round About Csp. Mr. Denis Musa Taylor 076-600-777
Malama Police Post Regent Road Lumley Asp. Peter Koroma 078–700-082
Golf One Police Post Beach Road Lumely Insp. Prince K. Lahai 080-225-097
Levuma Police Post Levuma By Tipper Ground Insp. Dalton D. Johnson 076-7522250 / 077-084-573
Shengbeh Pieh Police Post Juba Bridge, Lumley Insp. Sheku Lukullay 079-007-255
Car Wash Police Post Car Park Beach Road, Lumley Asp. Musu Thomas 079-172-659
Stations and Posts Location Commander’s Name Mobile No
Aberdeen Police Station Aberdeen Supt. Augustine M. Kamara 078-624-948
Beach Police Post Aberdeen Beach Road Asp. Agatha Heals 076-671-935
Susu Town Police Post Susu Town Aberdeen Insp. Alusine A. Turay None
Golf Two Police Post Aberdeen Beach Road Insp. Mohamed B. Koroma None
Fountain Police Post Roubd About Aberdeen Beach Road Insp. Alfred Mansaray None
Pelican Police Post Aberdeen Bridge Insp. I. B. Turay 099-430-333
Stations and Posts Location Commander’s Name Mobile No
Adonkia Police Station Adonkia, Goderich Supt. Joseph Fallah Mbayoh 076-692-830
Funkia Police Post Funkia Village, Goderich Asp. Mohamed Y. Mansaray 076-252-028
Gbendembu Police Post Gbendembu Goderich Asp. Tricia E. C. Luke 078-235-324
Metchem Police Post Metchem Goderich Insp. M. Sesay 088-571-606
Milton Margai Police Post Milton Margai Insp. A I. Lebbie 078-968-896
Tokeh Police Post Tokeh Village Insp. J. Abdulai 079-687-936