The appointment of Mr. Ambrose Michael Sovula came at a time when the majority of personnel were looking forwarding to seeing a leadership that would seek the welfare and wellbeing of personnel across the board. With his 40 year policing experience, and as a leader who went through the ranks, many believed in his ability to protect the interest of his inferiors. Just in 100 days in office, Mr. Sovula had expressed grave interest on personnel welfare, which came as a sudden surprise to the few that may have doubted his ability to steer the Police force.

During the era of previous administrations in the SLP, personnel who were struck with major or serious ailments that rendered them incapacitated to perform policing duties, were been boarded or discharged from the force. This action was perceived by many as one of the reasons for the early deaths of a plethora of Police Personnel who have been affected over the years. Few weeks after he took over office, the IGP with a humanitarian lens saw the need to retain personnel with severe illnesses and probably assist them with some financial aid which they would utilize to obtain adequate medical services. In a bid to enforce this proclamation, the IGP has adapted this into a policy.

In another development, he has also ensured the effectiveness of a mandatory annual leave for every personnel. The mandatory leave would go along with a package or leave allowance which could best be described as a potential boost to the bread and butter issue, which has been a major challenge to many personnel. Although previous administrations tried in their best to prioritize the issue of annual leave however, its effectiveness had always been seen to be challenging.

In the pursuit of his aspiration to motivate personnel and to enhance effective and efficient policing, the IGP is now facilitating the re-establishment of the ranking system that was disestablished during Keith Biddle’s era as the IGP. This ranking system if approved would not only cater for maximum promotional quotas or foster regular promotions, but would also position personnel salary grading system accordingly. Just after he took the oath of office, he vowed to prioritize rice supply and to ensure regular and timely supply of rice to all police personnel across the country, and this has been seen to have been manifested in recent months. The IGP in his strides is keen to put structures in place for the actualization of his agenda for all Police Personnel and the nation at large.

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