Earlier this week, the Africa Union/United Nations Assessment Team came to Sierra Leone to do a pre-deployment verification exercise on the fifth Formed Police Unit (FPU) of the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) – a key prerequisite for deployment into the Mission area.

Having completed the assessment exercise, on Friday 4th August 2023, the team headed by the Acting Head of  Peace Support Operations Division (PSOD) – Mr. Zinurine Abiodu Algahli submitted the Assessment Report to the Inspector General of Police – Mr. William Fayia Sellu, at his George Street office at Police Headquarters, in Freetown.

While submitting the report, Mr. Algahli showered praises on the IGP for the supervisory role he played which has led to a successful outcome of the exercise; noting that the personnel’s performance was excellent. He added that the team was well pleased with how fit and prepared the Unit was for deployment.

He thanked IGP Sellu for presenting disciplined Police Officers who exhibited high level of professionalism during the pre-deployment verification exercise, adding that the female police personnel were exceptional, very enthusiastic, and put up a remarkable performance.

Mr Algahli however pleaded with Mr. Sellu to consider a wholesome deployment of the women who successfully went through the exercise, and that those who could not make it to the FPU deployment, to be reconsidered for Individual Police Officers (IPO) deployment as and when the need arises.

” I am highly impressed with the performance of the personnel, the training team and the Peacekeeping Department” Mr. Algahli concluded.

Other members of the team with various expertise expressed similar sentiments and thanked the IGP for putting together a formidable squad.

In response, IGP Sellu thanked Mr. Algahli and  Team for all the accolades, noting that the personnel were put together for a very long time and that they were engaged in lots of training, thus keeping them fit for the task ahead

“I am not surprised as I also used to be around them as a way of motivation”, he added.

Mr. Sellu promised to work on all the recommendations and suggestions made by the team, and considered same as management’s information for the betterment of the organisation.

Amid applauses, the IGP promised that all the women that made it through the test will be deployed in the Mission theatre.

Climaxing the session was a presentation and reception of the Assessment Report, followed by group photos.

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