The Sierra Leone Police is committed to giving security support to institutions and individuals in Sierra Leone. In order to create conducive environment for foreign direct investment in the country, the Inspector General of Police – Dr. Ambrose Michael Sovula – has intensified effort to support investors with adequate security when they travel into the country to begin business. Over the years, the management of the police had shown great concern over the security issues faced by business people and had been strategizing lasting remedies to those isolated incidences.

On Friday 16th July, 2021, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) and some members of his Executive Management Board together with the Deputy Minister of Information and Communication – Solomon Jamiru Esq. – met with the management of Odhav Multi Industries (SL) Limited in the office of the IGP at Police Headquarters, George Street, Freetown to discuss issues of security for the company as they were about to fully commence their operations.

In his engagement with the IGP, the managing Director of Odhav Multi Industries (SL) Limited – Nikhil Chandra – requested for some police personnel to protect his Chief Executive Officer and the operation site. The IGP, in his response to him, recognized that since their operation in Sierra Leone was legal, he would have no problem in giving the company its much needed adequate security.


Police Headquarters, George Street, Freetown. Tuesday 29 June, 2021- The Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dr. Ambrose Michael Sovula has reestablished Board Membership with the Rainbo Initiative after breaking away for three years.

A five man delegation from the Initiative, headed by the Executive Director Mr. Daniel Kettor informed about the good work of the police and the close relationship which they share especially with the Family Support Unit (FSU) since the inception of the Rainbo Initiative.

90% of their cases he said are from the police.

In her contribution, a member of the Board, Madam Naasu Fofanah, disclosed that, going by the Rainbo Initiative organizational structure, the holder of the Office of the Inspector General of Police is a Board Member.

“For the past three years, the presence of the IGP or his representative have been missing at our meetings, since we cannot divorce the police, we therefore came to know why” she asked.

In his response, the IGP discloses that he being a Board Member to the Rainbo Initiative was news to him.

“If I had known this earlier, whether I was going to dedicated the responsibility to someone else, I must have gone there first, acquaint myself with colleague members, thereafter, I will now inform them that because of my schedule, I will nominate someone who will be representing me and reporting to me in writing” said the IGP

He went on that, it was better late than never.

He therefore expressed happiness over the partnership.

The Rainbo Initiative, he said was helping government greatly and by extension the police most especially the FSU which he said would not be potent without the Initiative.

Government he added cannot do it alone, more when it comes to servicing the police but with the intervention of organization like the Rainbo Initiative, the SLP strength can be sharpened for professional and quality service delivery.

As a grass root IGP, he assured of the police commitment to the partnership and the Board Membership.

Other members of the delegation include, Dr. Aisha Fofanah Ibrahim, Dr. Christine Williams and Madam Anita Fofanah..


Police Headquarters, George Street Freetown, Tuesday 6 July, 2021- A Consortium of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) including Center for Accountability and Rule of Law (CARL), Tro`caire, Caritas and Rainbo Initiative have held dialogue with the Inspector General of Police IGP, Dr. Ambrose Michael Sovula and the Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG), Madam Elizabeth A Turay, on a proposal to have a standalone budget for the Family Support Unit (FSU) under the police yearly budget.

Addressing the Consortium, the IGP Dr. Ambrose Michael Sovula informed that, the police budgets are tied to their activities including investigations, operations, administrations and equipment for all units.

IGP Sovula added that if he was ask, he would have love government to allow them, probably to explain in more detail about their budget strategy for a better understanding of the Ministry of Finance.

Government he said wishes to do more for the police but was constraint due to the little availability of resources.

“As a consortium who believe and want to see more budget for the FSU, should start the campaign at the pinnacle, using the Top-bottom approach” said Dr. Sovula.

FSU he said deal with matters of rape, sexual penetration, and gender base violence.

He reference the police rice and fuel which he said are now being provided by government even though their procurement fall under the police budget.

The police he therefore said is not adverse to a budget line for the FSU but noted that FSU has nexus with other units like the CID when it comes to investigations into certain matters.

He promised to discuss the proposal with the police budget officer for onwards discussion with the Ministry of Finance.

In her contributions, the Deputy Inspector General of Police Madam Elizabeth A Turay commended the consortium for demonstrating interest in the FSU of the SLP.

The Unit she said is a baby of the IGP whom she disclosed was very passionate about SGBV.

The SLP she went on to say has been doing a lot in terms of capacity building for FSU officers.

Earlier, the Executive Director of Central for Accountability and Rule of Law (CARL), Ibrahim Tommy, stated that the consortium over the years have been working with the FSU for justice and accountability.

The purpose of their visit he said was to register their campaign in pushing for a budget line for the FSU in the police budget.

Their campaign he disclosed was for two reasons, the first which he said was to put pressure on the Ministry of Finance or the Financial Secretary to release the amount set for FSU to enable the unit meet it task in the fight against SGBV.

The second he said was for them to know the amount received and spend by the unit for proper accountability.

Other speakers included Sudie Augustina Sellu from Tro`caire, Eliza G.O.C Sillah from Caritas Freetown and Princess Elliot from Rainbo Initiative.