As part of efforts to tackle the Kush menace in society, the Inspector General of Police – Mr. William Fayia Sellu, today (12/04/24) received in audience a non-governmental Christian organisation – Israel United in Christ, with headquarters in the United States of America, at his George Street office, in Freetown.

Explaining the purpose of their visit, the Team Leader – Captain Osee Israel said that they were at Police Headquarters to acquaint themselves with the Inspector General of Police; and further disclosed their interest to offer a helping hand in the fight against Kush through spiritual deliverance.

The Team Leader further noted that Kush is not just a physical problem but a spiritual problem as well, and for which they (Israel in Christ) are desirous of changing the mindset of people. He added that they are ready to share strategies with the government in the fight to end the abuse of Kush in the country.
“We will be teaching people to know who they are and how they can change their ways”, he concluded.

Responding, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) welcomed the team to Sierra Leone, noting that the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) shares with them the same concern to eradicate Kush in society. He explained government’s efforts so far, which among other things include the declaration of a public health emergency, setting in motion a prototype of the structures that were in place to tackle COVID-19, and the establishment of rehabilitation centres for victims.

As to the strides made by the SLP in the fight against the menace, Mr. Sellu alluded to sustained nationwide sensitisations and awareness raising campaigns conducted on a daily basis, coupled with deliberate police operations to disrupt the supply chain. He revealed that the SLP is committed to eliminate the abuse of drugs/Kush; announcing that it has so far been able to achieve about 60% in the area of disrupting the supply chain.

In closing, the Team promised to hold further engagements with the IGP on the subject matter. They then extended an invitation for him to speak at a scheduled programme on Youth Violence and Conflict Resolution, slated for June 2024, at their School, based at # 137, Circular Road, in Freetown.

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