On Monday 4th September, 2023, the Country Officer for the West Africa Police Information System (WAPIS) – Mr. Carlos Gonzalez Yepes paid a courtesy call on the Inspector General of Police – Mr. William Fayia Sellu, at his George Street office, in Freetown.

According to Mr. Yepes, the rationale of the visit was to assess and evaluate WAPIS’ facilities and work stations in the country. He revealed that more plans are underway to upgrade the department with modern equipment so as to enhance its effectiveness and capability to link with other West Africa member states on crime scenes or information about person(s) within the sub-region.

In response, the Inspector General of Police welcomed Mr. Yepes to Sierra Leone, whilst thanking him for his frantic efforts toward ensuring that the International Police Organisation (INTERPOL) and WAPIS get to their peak in Sierra Leone. The IGP was particularly pleased with the strides being made to expand and increase the capability of INTERPOL/ WAPIS to tackle all issues around organized crimes in the subregion.

The IGP appreciated the initiative of the Country Officer to fully integrate the SLP into INTERPOL or WAPIS programme.

“If the SLP is not integrated into the INTERPOL/WAPIS system in the subregion, it would become the weak link for organised criminals to infiltrate the region”; adding, that the SLP does not in any way want to become that weak link.

Mr. Sellu reaffirmed his commitment to readily accept and support whatever developmental initiative INTERPOL is willing to bring for the SLP; noting that his ultimate goal is to see the growth and development of the Organisation (SLP). Mr. Sellu stressed that he is desirous of seeing WAPIS have a footprint in the SLP.

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