Contemporary policing calls for everyday improvement in what you do and how you do it. It thus takes into account: a. following global policing trends and b. adopt appropriate policing and management standards which make other police forces across the globe look better.

The thrust thereof, is to improve on the management style of your local police force, so as to meet international best practices.

It is against this backdrop that the Inspector General of Police – Mr. William Fayia Sellu has embarked on upgrading the Sierra Leone Police (SLP), with the view to making the SLP become an enviable organisation.

It is this drive that has necessitated the training on digitalisation of personnel’s records.The process started today (04/09/2022) with:

Training on data capture and system deployment

Mahmoud Idris, the Chief Executive Officer of Smart Systems Limited is the lead facilitator.

The training will look at a data base application designed to capture and maintain updated records of all personnel of the SLP. The system development is planned to be done in phases:

Phase 1 – Personnel data capture and personnel milestone updates.

Phase 2 – Personnel dependants data capture and welfare scheme integration.

Phase 3 – Other value- added functionalities.

The training will further look into the implementation plan as thus:

👉 Training of Trainers – Data Collection.

👉 Training of users at divisional level.

👉 Pilot data capture – Police Headquarters (PHQ)

👉 Comprehensive data capture. -All Regions and Divisions.

👉 Deployment of Software at PHQ, Regions, Divisions and Stations.

👉 Training of System Users Trainers.

👉 Training of Users at Divisional level.

The objectives of the training include:

👉 To create a digital database of all SLP Personnel; and

👉 To automate the updates of personnel’s records.

The training attracted personnel drawn from the Human Resource Department, Integrated Intelligence Service, Support Services, and other interested personnel.

The system is expected to go live by January 2023.

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