On Monday September 5, 2022, retired Heulwen Macpherson and Michael Cannon of the United Kingdom Police Service paid a courtesy visit to the Inspector General of Police – Mr. William Fayia Sellu in his office at the Police Headquarters, George Street, in Freetown.

According to Heulwen Macpherson, they are working in collaboration with Non-Governmental Organizations and the Family Support Unit to conduct training of trainers on sexual offences investigations against women and children.

She noted that human trafficking, rape, and sexually related offences are challenging issues in contemporary policing, for which they are here to assist the Family Support Unit with the requisite skills and knowledge to investigate such cases.

” This is my third visit to Sierra Leone, and I have done two sets of training as we are focusing on sexual violence, child protection, and human trafficking so as to assist the Family Support Unit/SLP in combating this menace”, she concluded.

Responding, the Inspector General of Police – Mr. William Fayia Sellu welcomed the team to Sierra Leone and thanked them for their support. He furthered that the issues of rape and sexually related violence came up during the civil war in Sierra Leone; and that the good aspect of it was the establishment of the Family Support Unit to handle all sexually related cases.

He added that the FSU has been very successful in that strides and that the SLP depends on their goodwill.

“I have a passion for women and girls and for the FSU; things are changing every day, and it is but prudent to live up to those challenges”, he stated.

‘I am grateful for your support about the training programme in a bid to equip our investigators with the necessary skills and I promise to visit you during the training to see how it ends’, Mr. Sellu noted.

He thanked and appreciated the United Kingdom Police Service for their thoughts and recognition.

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