Kissy Police Barracks, old road, 03 June, 2021- Stakeholders of various communities in Kissy have showed praises on the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dr. Ambrose Michael Sovula and the Local Unit Commander (LUC) of the Kissy Division, Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP), Hillary Sao Kanu, for their system of policing.

Speaking at the Kissy Divisional headquarters, at a ceremony which marks the opening of a police post at Upper Mountain, the Police Chief Dr. Ambrose Michael Sovula stated that LUC Hillary Sao Kanu and her team have demonstrated that community policing yield dividend.

Contemporary policing he went on to say goes beyond just enforcement for compliance with the law but engaging the communities to know their problems.

“When we interact with the people, they will have confidence and trust in us there by providing us intelligent” he said but strong warned against disclosing of informants identity to suspects.

Impunity, the IGP said is the major cause of physical confrontations in the country, stating that some people uses power,  influence and money to hurt others and in return the aggrieved persons may seek revenge at all cost.

The Police he said can change such situation because the public rely and have respect for them.

“This I believe, is the type of policing LUC Hillary is practicing here” said Dr. Sovula.

He therefore challenged the LUC, noting that much is expected from whom more is given.He acknowledged one Dr. Tunde Macarthy whom the kissy stakeholders disclosed has done tremendously well for the Police in terms of Infrastructure and promise

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