In his farewell message to the fifth contingent of the Sierra Leone Police Formed Police Unit (FPU-5), who will leave the shores of the country on Sunday 1st October, 2023, for the African Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS), the Inspector General of Police (IGP) – Mr. William Fayia Sellu, called on them to demonstrate in the Mission theatre what they have learnt for the period of one year during their preparatory training.

According to the IGP, the FPU-5 was rated by UN/AU assessment team as the best that they have ever assessed – meaning, you have been rated high, and to whom much is given, much is expected, the IGP stated.

In Somalia, Mr. Fayia Sellu informed, that the SLP’s FPU clearly stands out as a very hard working and dedicated team; noting that it is the only contingent that can boast of a first class top-notch equipment.

He reminisced the Unit’s long stay in preparatory training and how that exposed them to handling public order situations across the country.
Without sounding discriminatory, the IGP applauded the women for their endurance and exhibition of professionalism throughout their stay in training.

Continuing his admonition, Mr. Sellu reminded them of the need to stay loyal to the Institution and to exhibit the highest standard of discipline whilst deployed in the Mission theatre. Adding, that while in Mission, they are representing their individual name, family, institution and the country. “We would not stand and allow you to bring all these into disrepute”, the IGP stated.
He encouraged them to remain as a continent rather than acting as fragmented individuals.

Mr. Sellu particularly admonished them to constantly be in touch with their families while away in the Mission; pointing out instances where family homes had broken due to distance and change in financial status. He warned against any forms of indiscipline and promised to be in constant touch with their Contingent Commander, whom, he said, is under obligation to update him and management on any misconduct or misbehaviours of personnel

He encouraged them to quickly adapt to their new environment and to be very watchful and stay alert.

Earlier, the Director of Operations – Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG) Braima-Jah Esq, Director of Corporate Affairs – AIG Memunatu Konteh-Jalloh Director of Professional Standards – AIG Sahr Senesi and Director of Crime Services – Commissioner of Police Ibrahim Lahai admonished them on issues of discipline, integrity, professionalism and for them to operate as a team rather than working in isolation in the Mission in area.

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