On Thursday 24th August, 2023, a team of expert headed by retired military Colonel in the United States Army – Jerry Torres paid a courtesy call on the Inspector General of Police – Mr William Fayia Sellu, at his George Street Office, in Freetown.

According to Jerry Torres, the purpose of their visit was to get firsthand information about the success of the cyber lab and to further provide advance training on how to get into the dark web and source information about crimes, develop additional software in a bid to enhance the capacity of cyber personnel to be able to do data tracking, data analysis from cell phones, and also cyber forensic training.
Mr Torres said that he was pleased to meet with IGP Fayia Sellu and team and praised his remarkable leadership role in making sure that the cyber lab of the SLP becomes very effective and functional.

Mr. Torres was further pleased that IGP Sellu and a cross section of the Executive Management Board, gave him the opportunity to meet with personnel of the Cyber Investigation Unit and talked about the development of training that would equip them with more knowledge and skills.

In response, IGP Sellu thanked Mr Jerry Torres and team for the exceptional support and knowledge provided in setting up the cyber lab, which, he said, has yielded dividend in fighting cyber related crimes in the country.

Setting up the cyber lab, according to IGP Fayia Sellu, had helped the SLP to apprehend, investigate and prosecute several offenders; adding that most of the cyber related cases investigated by the Unit have been charged to court, and that the Unit now significantly helps the Court in the dispensation of justice.

“I always boast of the cyber lab as one of the best in Africa and only second to South Africa” IGP Sellu stated.
Noting that, plans are underway to work with the Immigration Department, the National Civil Registration Authority and mobile network operators (MNOs) to make it possible to easily trace and track cyber offenders. And that with the national identification number (NIN), the SLP can easily trace and track offenders. He called on network operators to desist from selling activated Sim Cards to customers on the streets. This, he noted, has been impeding cyber related investigations.

Mr. Sellu acknowledged that working with these three bodies aforementioned will help the Cyber Investigation Unit to trace and track any cyber related crime in the Country.

Climax of the meeting was the inspection of the Cyber Investigation Unit, for the commencement of a three-day training for personnel currently deployed in the Unit.

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