Crime Services



In collaboration with members of the EMB, set out policies and strategies for combatting crime throughout the country. •Advises the inspector general of police on strategies to curb crime. •Supervises strategic control and command of Criminal Investigations Department (CID), Family support Unit (FSU), Transnational organized crime (TOCU) and Interpol •Supervises major crime investigations and collect, collate and analyze all crime statistics at national level •Develop effective method of recording, distributing and evaluating reported criminal offences •Ensure systematic crime analysis followed by tactical deployment •Ensure that the request and missions of the national central bureau/Interpol are executed expeditiously •Improve on investigative skills of personnel in various specialist areas including forensic evidence, crime, scene management and prosecution •Involve other partners at both regional and international level (Interpol, SLP and other kindred agencies in the sub region) to combat cross border criminality •To develop networking relations with international police organizations and other crime intelligence services •To perform any other duty assigned to him by the Inspector-General of Police.

Success Stories